Earn Revenue

Are you looking to earn extra revenue from your visitors without making any upfront investment? We believe we can offer you a solution by placing our attractions inside your venue and paying you either a rental fee or a commission. Better still, this will increase “dwell time”, encouraging your guests to make additional “secondary spend” purchases on food, drink and merchandise.

Perhaps you are a property developer who has land in an area of high footfall but which is not yet developed. Put that land to good use by contracting Danter's Funfair to provide a temporary event or attraction, and earn money in the meantime.

Maybe you are a local authority looking to increase footfall in a town/city centre, or a public park. Contact us and we can discuss bespoke ideas for your location, from a Winter Wonderland to a summer themed event, equally suited to an out-of-town shopping centre. Or we can simply supply a couple of children's attractions, a food kiosk, a candyfloss barrow; whatever takes your fancy.

Edward & Maxine Danter work with both public and private sector organisations. As a family firm, our aim is to build a long-term relationship based on providing the right equipment for your venue or event so that we can share in each other's success.


To hire any of our fairground rides and attractions call Edward or Maxine Danter on 07970 919268 / ‪01452 723072‬.
Email-us edward@dantersfunfair.co.uk