Who We Are

The Danter family is one of the leading providers of fairground rides, attractions and family entertainment throughout the West of England, Wales and beyond. Edward & Maxine Danter represent the fifth generation of the family, with a sixth generation waiting in the wings to enter the business once they have finished their education.

Maxine's great-grandfather Percy Cole once toured the legendary Gondola Switchback, a beautiful, ornate roundabout that brought pleasure to thousands of fair-goers across the land. The rides we travel today have moved on significantly, but our mission has not changed: to provide safe, affordable family entertainment, wherever or whatever the event.

As a family business, we are small enough to care, but we also boast the pedigree and professionalism to do it right. And we love what we do!


To hire any of our fairground rides and attractions call Edward or Maxine Danter on 07970 919268 / ‪01452 723072‬.
Email-us edward@dantersfunfair.co.uk